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Google Glass are glasses with minicomputer, which although its name, have nothing in common with famous search engine. With glasses we can connect to the Internet, listen to our favourite music and send short messages. Using Google Glass is easy because the device responds to an owner’s touch and voice.

The device has been modified by London company This Place so that it can be controlled by thoughts. The glasses have been connected with a set of personal neuro device through which we are capable of taking pictures by issuing a command in our minds. When you want to capture the moment all you need to do is to be focused. Then a thin white line appears on the display and starts to raise until it touches the top edge of the glasses after that, the device takes a picture.

The creators of the device claim that it will be useful for surgeons during critical situations and it will make easier the lives of disabled people, in particular those who have problems with moving around. Controlling Google Glass by thoughts is only possible while having a set of personal neuro device and a free software made by This Place.

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